Price Packages, Offers & Bundles

Event Hire in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

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    Depends on the amount and what flowers & fine details are required.

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    Depends on the size, what flowers and fine details.

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    Dry hire or sweet options available.

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    Sweetcart Ferris

    Dry hire or sweet options available.

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    Dry hire, or with 6 types of sweets (ideal for 30 people)

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    Doughnut Wall

    Dry hire, or with 47 / 94 doughnuts.

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    Prosecco Steps

    Dry hire with décor - with welcome drinks price to be discussed.

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    Half day, or day and night hire.

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    Table Top Carriage Cart

    Dry hire or full with 6 types of sweets (ideal for up to 25 people).

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    Cake Stand

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    Flower Wall

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    Memory Table

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    Children’s Activity Table


All include decor, lights, glassware, tongs, scoops, sweetbags and sweets.

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Little But Sweet

Sweetcart and sweets perfect for 25 guests

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Party Time

Sweetcart with up to 10 types of sweets ideal for up to 100 guests

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Sweet Tooth

Sweetcart with up to 10 types of sweets based on 150 guests

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Full House

Sweetcart and Ferris Wheel with 14 types of sweets - caters for 200 guests

Packages for more then 200 guests will be put together as a bespoke package depending on: 

- Amount Of Guests - Sweet Preference - Duration

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of our most commonly asked questions, if anything doesn't appear and you still want to know call us!

A few years ago when I got married I wanted all these lovely things but the prices were extravagant, so I decided I wanted to offer all the things I couldn't afford to others at a more reasonable price so other people didn't have to go without.

We will supply at your request within a reasonable price range which we will discuss upon booking.

Our insurance does not cover our items to be left over night so I'm afraid this won't be an option.

We would but we would require a signed and initialed list of all the desired sweet treats you would like and would stick to that list for the safety of yourselves and your party.

Yes it is, up to a 4 teir.

We have catered for Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Baby showers and Gender reveals, Proms, Anniversaries, Garden parties, Engagement parties, we can also hire to corporate events aswell.

Yes, they have ben used to hold confetti cones and also used as the equivalent of a guest book.

Here is just a few things we might include but it does vary for each age group... A wooden box which could be personalised, which will hold a reading book, colouring book or activity book and pencils, pens or crayons depending on age, bubbles, a teddy, a little puzzle, bouncy ball, rubber ducks, a slinky and a few other toy varieties, depending on budget depends on the amount in the box.

We will always take in to account a clients budget and do all we can to help make your special day that extra bit special.

No its a family run business so its the smaller events or drop offs that there will be one of us, other wise there will be more.

5 jars.

Yes along as its not to big.

Yes you can as long as its the ring donuts.

No, we will drop off, set up and leave you to enjoy.

We will do all we can to set up prior to your event but if its not possible then we will be as quick and discreet as possible, I must add that we are perfectionists so we will make sure it looks 100% perfect before we leave.